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I'm a pretty little bumble bee...

ahhhh halloween season is back and i am lovin it.. riiiiggggghhhhhhhhtttt. this creepy man was walkin in front of my store while i was standin out side and he was lickin his lips and was like mmmmmmmmmmm! it was so gross. but i do have to say there was a lot of hot men in the mall tonite i dunno what it was. so that was a goo thang. me and my other co-worker (dressed as a nun) were dancin in the hallway all night and we dancin to my favorite baby got back! everybody was fallin out laughin. i am tired but all in all it wasn't that bad. and people were really nice and said i look really cute as a bumble bee. i think i am goin to get the costume for a party i am goin to next weekend. but it is time for me to get my ass to bed. oh man i almost forgot next sat. will mark 1 year for me workin at spencer's. go me, go me!
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