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i have been slackin off...

i know, i know.... but a bitch be tired and shit. but i do have some things to write down some embarrasin thing that has happen to me since the last time i wrote. well it all started last week when i was sittin in english class and i had to pee really bad. so i get up and evryone in the class sorta stops talkin and the teacher watches me run out of the class to leave. so i bolt out of the class for the bathroom and go to one stall and there is no toilet paper so i got the next and tha roll of toilet paper is floatin in the toilet so i am like "FUCK ME!!!!!!!" Then i go to the next and finally there is some paper so i go to the bathroom and flush and what do u know my nose starts bleedin so i panic and i and tryin to stop it with tissue and i throw the tissue in the toliet and it slows up after a bit. so i am like it is ok i am goin to be fine. so i go to flush the toilet and the shit EXPLODES!!!!! there is water everywhere and i am slippin and fallin almost hit my head on the rail or some shit....i can't get the door open but final i get the bitch open and have to go flyin down the hallway in soakin wet sandels that r slidin all over the place to the office to tell them to call someone b/c the toilet exploded. it was aweful i wanted to die! my feet was covered in toilet water. my pants were wet and i had to go back to class. once i get back my friend lindsay is lookin at me funny and is like that took u long enough and i am like u have no idea and i tell her what happen and she starts crackin up in the middle of class. it was the worst day ever....... must continue in another post each episode gets its own entry.....
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