june (summerjoy) wrote,

i hate fuckin computers!

okay get this yesterday i get off work and i am like i should get online and post then chat wit so friends and it will be cool. i go to sign on and my fuckin internet doesn't work. i tried for fuckin hours tryin to sign on and the shit didn't work. i called tech support and they close at 10 on the weekend fuckin 10 that is bullshit. so today my dad spends 2 hours on the phone with tech support for them only to tell him to uninstall compuserve and shit and get a new cd and download it. so thanx to my fuckin dad not lettin me do shit with the comp since he is an idiot all my fuckin files r gone and my saved email and documents. i am so fuckin pissed! fuck the bullshit computers suck!
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