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19 June
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i am a girl who is in a private high school, and works part time. i try to go with the flow in life. i love meeting new people. feel free to im me.
420, a perfect circle, acid house, afroman, alcohol, amon tobin, bad movies, bad ronald, basement jaxx, baths, beck, being alone, black lights, blink 182, bloodhound gang, breathing, bt, bumper stickers, busta rymes, candles, candy, cannabis, cars, chemical brothers, clouds, cold, coldplay, colors, comfort, common, computers, concerts, conversations, cool nights, craig david, cypress hill, d-12, daft punk, dancing, david gray, dead prez, deelite, dj keoki, dreaming, drinking, driving, drowning pool, dvds, electronica, email, eminem, empire records, evil grins, family and friends, fatboy slim, ferris bueller's day off, fight club, flowers, foo fighters, food, free stuff, ghosts, gorillaz, green day, half baked, hangin out, harassing people, hard liquor, hfstival, incubus, irvine welsh, james dean, jazz, jeff buckley, jimmy eat world, jungle, jurassic five, kelis, kenna, late night drives, laughing, life, lifehouse, lights, linkin park, lost highway, ludacris, making fun of people, marijuana, massages, mazzy star, men, mind sex, moby, money, movie theaters, movies, mp3s, mr. oizo, munchies, music, my room, nick drake, orbital, outkast, partying, paul oakenfold, paul van dyke, pimpin', queer as folks, real world, red hot chili peppers, rehab, relationships, rob zombie, scary movies, sex, singing, sleeping, smiling, soda, south park, speed racer, stabbing westward, stars, stories, stupid people, stupid shows, sugardaddies, sum 41, summer, sunsets, techno, the mall, the matrix, the orb, thinking, three doors down, time, tool, traffic, trainspotting, trance, tv, undressed, weezer, wesley willis, wife beaters, work, wwf

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