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just breath...

okay, i haven't been postin cuz i be busy. at work now we have to wear costumes and it fuckin sucks b/c my whole school shops at the mall i work at and i don't want them to see me! i have to dress up as a Bumble Bee b/c that is the only costume that doesn't tak much to put on. Sometimes i wonder why i work at Spencers. anyway this college thing is really gettin to me i have to do all this shit and i don' wanna, but i must go to college. And i was talkin to this girl in the hall way about our majors we want to do and college shit, and i was like i have no i idea what to write my essay about. i mean one of the questoin that i would write about is who is the one person that has impacted ur life and why? but the one person that has impacted my life was my friend Lydia. i mean the girl was supper smart and beautiful. and she committed suicide when i was in tenth grade. she has had a major impact in her life and death, yet i dunno if i wanna write about that for my college essay plus it would explain a lot about what i am goin through now but i am sure the damn thing would be way too long. so i dunno what the fuck i am goin to do! argh! i want to trade places wit my 2 year old brother right now and not have a care in the world.
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