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another moment.....

.... me, mod, jazzmen and ash went to McDonogh lookin for this boy durin the middle of day. we were not dressed right b/c this school is all proper and shit and we r in jeans and stufflookin all out of place so we walk around the campus nad go to an office and lie and say we r interested in info about the school to see if we could find his number, email.....somethin... but no luck. so we leave the school and we end up goin to Pizza Hut and when we walk in it is like half of the Boy's Latin football team so we r like sweet! hell yeah. but when we sat down and looked they were okay. so we go to order food and the waitress is like " u know ur orderin a lot of food here" and we r like really and we cancel one of the things we order. well we get the onion rings and the shit is all like shoe string and thin and shit and it is bad. finally we get the pizza and we all have a piece but we had been waitin so long ash wasn't hungry anymore. me and mod have another piece and mine is all burnt on the bottom and nasty and i flip over the rest of the slices and they r all burnt and messed up. so i call the manager and we get a cheap meal but my stomach is killin me and i feel like i am goin to throw up buit i have to drive. it wasn't pretty! my fuckin stomach hurt so bad and my window was down just in case i got sick but i was cursin b/c my stomach hurt so bad and i am like " fuckin stupid piece of shit and thios fguy next to me is like hey man the hell with u. asnmd drives off. it was ridiculous.
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