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life changed forever.....

i got to speak to my aunt. i am so happy thank god she is alive. she was talkin to me and she said she was lookin at the buildin on tv and she was like i am so lucky. the crash and explosion was only 3 corridors away. it wa so good to hear her voice. i mean we were talkin she was tellinme she has been through the civil rights movement with bein jailed and knocked around, embassy hold ups, hostage situations, being shot at, family threaten and i was amazed to hear how calm she was i mean to go through something like that i would be flippin out but i guess she is train and has gone throught things like this that she doesn't panic. we just talked and she said something that maybe i will repeat later if it breaks tomorrow in the news. i mean it did sort of tonight but i am not sayin any info that has been kept under wraps.

***** while i have been writing i have been watchin the news. they say now people r callin from the rubble from their cell phones to be saved and they r not goin in to get them tonight. i pray they can hold on till tomorrow. i pray they do
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