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this world is pretty fucked up and also the people in it.

today was horrible. my heart goes out to the families of the injured and lost. b/c i thought i was earlier. my aunt works in the pentagon and for like and hour or 2 i didn't know if she was dead or alive and it scared me and wanted my mom and i couldn't get in touch with her and i didn't know what was goin on b/c at first it said there was a fire out side the buildin. so i was freakin out in my class and this girl next to me tells me to be quite and i swear i wanted to dropkick her in her head. i mean what the fuck! so i get to a phone and call my mom finally and she was cryin and i thought my aunt was gone but she is like i am ok and ur aunt is ok she got out but it was near her i am just waitin for her to get home now. my whole body felt relief and then my mom was like ur cousin marie i dunno know where her buildin is in downtown NYC so i am really worried. but we found out tonight that she was 6-8 blocks away and that she is ok. it was just such a roller coaster.

but let me say i was so upset at people today this girl at my school while me and mod r eatin is like sayin WE ARE ALL GOIN TO DIE. Kristie tells me this woman comes into spencers and buy something and while kristie is ringin her up she says ISN'T IT A WONDERFUL DAY TO GO SHOPPIN. AND and the woman knew what happen in ny and dc . Krisite also tells me this teacher at her sister's school asked where this one girl was and she was in
the office b/c she was cryin b/c she can't find her dad and brother who work in the pentagon and her mom doesn't either. well the teacher says DON'T TELL ME ANOTHER STUDENT IS SKIPPIN MY CLASS B/C OF THEIR FAMILY.

sometimes i just don't get people. i am just glad i have my friend and family. and once again my heart goes out for those who don't.
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