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home sweet home

i am back from nyc and i had a good time i ahd time this summer to relax woooo hoooo! and i got a great welcomin on the first night by seein a hit and run. the guy that was hit wa s layin on the ground not movin at all and his bike was messed up and it was scary cuz he wasn't movin and there was a crowd. finally the ambulance came but it was there for a while and they hadn't touched the guy yet but finally they did and they put a neck brace and wrapped him up and took him away....... scary shit yo that is all i got to say!

but other than that i had a great time. we just chilled and relaxed. we went down to 36th street and walked around and while i was there i had some amazin food. i bought some cd's and a video. so now i am back in baltimore the home i love.... sometimes and i have to say i missed home and my friends, weird.
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